The Year I Surrendered to Trash TV

I won’t remember 2020 as the year of face masks, quarantine and hand sanitising. Oh no! 2020 will be remembered as The Year I Spent Glued to My Sofa, having succumbed to the temptation of the small screen’s most enticing content: Reality TV.

Photo credit: Netflix

It all started with Selling Sunset.

So it’s now August 2020 and pretty warm outside. I’m inside though, as is the new norm, given the fact we’re up to our eyeballs in viral pandemonium.

Love is Blind, The Real Housewives, Nailed It!, Instant Hotel, Queer Eye, Love on the Spectrum, 90 Day Fiancé, The Great Pottery Throw Down, Glow Up, Tiny House Nation, Best Leftovers Ever! Married at First Sight, The Circle USA , Too Hot To Handle, The Circle…

The more niche the concept, the better. Shoot it up and inject it directly into my frontal lobe please Netflix.



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April Summers

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